Dec 13, 2016

Tarrasque DN Private Server

Website : Here
Register : Here
Download Client CN : Here
Download Client INA : Here
use CN client ver.276-279 / use INA client Ver.251
Mini Patch : Here Or Here

Server Feature :
  • New Job ArcHeretic & Silver Hunter
  • Latest Awakening Job Warrior, Archer, Sorceress, Cleric, Academic, Kali in Next Update
  • New Nest : Ice Dragon & Granom Nest
  • Free Cash

  • Link For Reset Skill : Here
  • Link For Clear Cash : Here
  • Link For Clear Inventory : Here

#if you need guide join my fb group : Here
# Just Take Resource 00-14 in client CN / INA

Apr 27, 2015

All Mod DN In Here

---------- Fps Drop Reduction Mod ----------
All Skill : Here
Fire Skill Only For EL : Here

---------- Translate Mod ----------
V1 : Here
V2 Included Bringer : Here
V3 Included Lancea / Avenger / And many more item translate : Here
V4 Included Lancea / Avenger / And many more item translate : Here

---------- HP Bar ----------
Rainbow Hp Bar : Here
Black Rock Shooter Hp Bar : Here

---------- Movement Speed Mod ----------
Medium : Here
High : Here

---------- Crosshair Mod ----------
N.S.T + Circle : Here
BRS + Demage Indicator : Here
Techno : Here
Phantasy Star Online 2 : Here

---------- Japanese Voice Pack ----------
Warrior : Here
Archer : Here
Sorceress : Here
Cleric : Here
Academic : Here
Kali : Here
Assasin : Here

---------- Anime Music Pack ----------
Cover Music :
 (-) Screen Title : Gokukoku No Brynhildr OST
(-) Calderock Village : Kisetsu wa Tsugitsugi Shindeiku (Piano Ver) - Tokyo Ghoul OST
(-) Saint Haven : Glassy Sky (Piano Ver) - Tokyo Ghoul OST
(-) Cash Shop : Unravel (Piano Ver) - Tokyo Ghoul OST
(-) Time Gate : Rain In The Garden - Date A Live OST
(-) Field Arendel : Glassy Sky - Tokyo Ghoul OST
(-) Stage Clear : Niji No Kakera (Michiru Hyodo Ver) - Saekano OST

Download : Here

NB : Always remember to remove all mods before patching or else the consequence won't be nice
NB : Please report in comment / chatbox / Here if download link is dead

Apr 13, 2015

Zero DN 3

Website : Here
Register : Here
Download Client : Here

Feature Server :

1, (BUG Avengers Perfect Game Add new skills and perfect special effects) to synchronize the dress all fashion! The latest dragon horse!

2. Increase the latest Jiege three-piece, fashion myth, constellation three-piece, frozen family of four, three-piece sky!

3, increasing storm of weapons!

4, all the professional skills available 80EX and mechanical modes!

5, the perfect 90!

6, add the latest 80L, 80R, 90L, 90R God installed!

7, Red Dragon P1 perfect lair!

8 skill points is 10 times the national dress, not in order to learn the skills dissatisfied worry!

9, perfect decomposition machine, the machine is no longer decomposition decoration!

10, newborn directly novice equipment, do not worry about the novice started!

11, the old way of groceries add a key transfer function!

12,75 and 85 maps perfectly clearance!

Update :
Volcano Challenge Nest
Red Dragon Nest Memoria
Red Dragon Nest

#Tutorial Timpaan
DN Official China Ver.226
Ambil ressource 00-12 aja
Download Mini Patch Here

Strom DN [Chinese Server]

Website : Here
Register : Here
Download Client : Here

Feature Server :
1. Increase the grocery store all around can use The ancestor dragon coins to exchange diamond Pandora and protective drugs(constantly enrich)
2. 1-80 level abyssal map has the essence and the ancestors dropped.
3. Fallen sets, cool sets, sky cover sets, constellation sets,open eggs to get.
4. The dragon eggs add the latest hanbok Geraint weapon's swap volume,ice three-piece.
5. Each occupation add the latest Chinese / Korean fashion dress
6. All copies and lair can use pets to pick something
7. 12:00 daily updates, perfect three nuclear den, perfect volcano lair
8. All occupation 80ex skills, mechanical mode and ammunition filled CD1 seconds
9. All occupation have CD-50% cooling time
10. All occupational add a key transfer in grocery
11. Perfect decomposition machine
12. Upgrade skills is 10 times domestic server
13. Regularly update the latest Hanbok fashion dress
14. Include 1 ticket fashion , properties over 10 times
15. Increase the fog nest must drop gold package(open direct access to ten thousand gold coins).
16. Increase the volcano and three nuclear drop transfer property reel.
17. Novice can use tears to rent 80A set, no longer difficult start.
18. Online send advanced protection medicine, send dragon coins, making free players powerful if you spend time to play.

Update :
Lancea & Avenger
Volcano Challenge Nest
Red Dragon Nest Memoria
Red Dragon Nest Normal

Official Grup Facebook : Here

~Happy Gaming~
   Best Regards ~RheaArteis~

Dec 29, 2014

Seal Online Private Server TD

Game Name: 【 TDSEAL】
Close Beta Test : 24-30 Des 2014 19.00 (GMT+8) / 18.00 (GMT+7) WIB
Official Open / Open Beta : 31 Des 2014 19.00(GMT+8) / 18.00 (GMT+7) WIB

Game forum:Here
Version : Chinese And English Client Provided

Experience :
level 1 to 150 = 40x
level 150 to 200= 20x
level 200 to 230= 10x
level 230 to 251=5x
Drop Rate : 10x (Gem and Refine book according official)
Free CP : 3Minute 1CP,Saturday and Sunday is double
Game website : Our server don't had website, all functional at launcher, you don't need Bookmark website to your computer anymore.
Register : Direct on Launcher

Download Link :
English Version client :Here
Buat Yang Mau Tulisannya Gede Biar Gak Sipit Bacanya : Here

Admin : Contact on forum
Group FB : Here
Fan Pages : Here

Game Feature : 
New Job Hunter 
Alcanez Ins,Sage Tower,Ice Castle,MTcross DLL 100%Fix Sama kyk BOD
Fix Aura Fire on Jikael Armor
Fix Quest All New Map 
Tanda NPC di atas nya
Tanda ? menunjuk kan ada quest Tanda ! Menunjukan quest sudah di ambil
Klik Kanan Di Map Dah Fix
Rabbit Sytem
80% Client Inggris Masih ada Yang Chinese

Error Dalam Launcher : Matiin Anti Virus Baru Extract Seal'nya
Error Di Game Guard : Restart PC / Laptop

#Tutor Instalasi
1. Pastinya Download Full Client Di Atas
2. Tinggal Buka TD Seal Yang Gambar Kelinci
3.Ntar Muncul Pesan Box 1 Jangan Di Close Biarin Update Selesai Sekitar 15mb'an
4.Start Game Dah / Buat Yang Belum Register Silahkan Register Dulu :D

~Best Regard~